About Anne Campbell, Birth Doula

Anne and JuliaIn 2003, I trained as a birth doula with Joyce Kimball of Worcester, MA, a DONA-certified doula and midwife. I'm a board member of the Green River Doula Network, an association of doulas in the Pioneer Valley and western Massachusetts.

In 2004, I completed a 12-month intensive midwifery studies program with the WomanCraft Midwifery Education Program. I'm continuing my studies on the road to becoming a homebirth midwife some day.

My only child, Julia, was born in July 2001. I had a wonderful, drug-free birth at a freestanding birth center in San Francisco, attended by a certified nurse-midwife and two apprentice midwives. My husband and a close friend were also in attendance. I felt like Superwoman! Now my goal is to help other women and families have a safe, empowering, joyous birth, whatever that means to them.